ISO ASTM Commercial Denomination Use
Cu-OF 102 Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper Conductors and electric components.
Cu-ETP 110 Electrolytic Tough Pitch High Conductivity Copper General use.
Cu-DHP 122 High Phosphorous Deoxidized Copper Copper General use when high conductivity not required
CuCd1 162 Cadmium Copper Trolley contact wires- High conductivity and strength
"CuproGold"® Nordic Gold Good corrosion resistance and attractive yellow golden colour. Gold imitation.
CuZn5 210 Cap Copper, Gilding 95% Industrial use. Caps for ammunition
CuZn10 220 Commercial Bronze 90% Used for architectural metal work, imitation jewelry, etc.
Golden colors, brazing and enamelling properties.
CuZn15 230 Red Brass 85% Zippers.
CuZn30 260 Cartridge Brass 70% Deep drawn brass, maximum
CuZn35 270 2:1 Brass, Yellow Brass 65% Ductility, corrosion resistant, cold forming and bending.
CuZn37 274 Common Yellow Brass 63% General purpose alloy for simple forming.
CuZn40 280 Lead Free 60-40 / Muntz Metal 60% Good hot working alloy. Cold work to a limited extent.
CuZnPb2 314
Commercial Leaded Bronze
Screws, pickling crates
CuZn36Pb3 360 Leaded Free Cutting Brass Optimum combination of ductility,
CuZn38Pb2 377 Leaded Forging Brass formability and machinability
CuSn5 510 Phosphor Bronze 5% High strength and corrosion
CuSn8 521 Phosphor Bronze 8% resistant.
CuSi1 651 Low Silicon Bronze Good corrosion resistance
CuSi3Mn 655 High Silicon Bronze Moderate strength. Fasteners.
CuZn40Si 470 Naval Brass Welding Brazing filler material for gas
  681 Low Fuming Bronze Eelding.
CuZn43Ni10Si Nickel Silver Brazing  
CuNi10Fe1 706 90/10 Copper-Nickel-Iron Excellent sea water corrosion. Resistance.
CuNi18Zn17 752 Nickel Silver 18% Good corrosion resistance
CuNi15Zn20 754 Nickel Silver 15% and attractive white silvery
CuNi12Zn23 757 Nickel Silver 12% colour. Silver imitation.
"CuproSilver"® Nickel-free German Silver Non allergic to skin contact
CuNi2Si 655 Heat treatable copper-nickel-silicon Moderate conductivity and good wear resistance.
Other alloys on request.

Please find the following chart with some of the alloys produced as a reference.
Other alloys on request.

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