Trustworthy products and of technology outpost

We are a metallurgical and metal-working company located in Peru, center of the great Inca civilization, land of men who showed their wisdom through agriculture, engineering and metallurgy, outstanding in their skills with metals.

Today, the mining wealth of its land has led Peru to one of the top positions in production and export of concentrates and refined products, as well as in the manufacturing of semi-finished non-ferrous products, specially copper, zinc, tin and lead.

CUPRALSA, transforms non-ferrous metals into semi-finished products of copper and its alloys, by using high quality raw materials: Copper, Zinc, Tin, Lead, Nickel, all electrolytically refined. Our production process- from raw material to final product- is submitted to strict quality controls and worked according to standards.

Now, in the XXI Century, we advance based on our will to contribute to the market with trustworthy products and of technology outpost, by means of extrusion and continuous casting. The total client satisfaction by the quality of our products responds to our policy for forming part of the «chain of value» of our clients, growing with them.

An exhaustive Quality Control certifies the fulfillment of the technical norms, specifications and established terms of delivery for each order.


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Jr. Manuel A. Odría 298 Coop. 27 de Abril
Ate / Lima 03 / Perú

(511) 348 0905

+51 961 785547



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